How do I get a VIP host?

Serious gamblers who are used to throwing a hefty amount of cash around at real life casinos are presented with many perks from casino moguls, from entrance to extravagant VIP lounges, invites to exclusive events and luxurious special treatment to let them know how much the casino appreciates their business.

When it comes to making the switch to playing online, the possibility of losing this VIP treatment may be a deterrent for major players, however what many don’t know is that a similar level of VIP treatment exists to virtual punters. A vast majority of our recommended online casinos offer a VIP program to the most loyal, high roller players so you don’t miss out on any of the perks or special treatment.

Online casino VIP programs and benefits

The benefits of becoming a VIP member at an online casino enhance the Internet gambling experience significantly. The exact features and benefits offered will vary from venue to venue, but typically becoming a VIP player means you are assigned with your own VIP casino host.

This professional, dedicated host makes it their personal responsibility to be at your beck and call to make your experience at the casino as incredible as possible. A VIP host will be there to ensure your winnings are cashed out to you as quickly as possible, be on the lookout for any exclusive events in your area to invite you to and may even pay you a personal visit a few times a year.

Just as a host would within the walls of a bricks and mortar casino, an online casino VIP host is there to show appreciation for your loyalty and ensure you receive the best possible treatment at all times.

To get an idea of some of the exclusive VIP perks an online casino may provide, Roxy Palace previously offered a VIP trip for two to Dubai and an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas which included helicopter rides, a Grand Canyon trip, five star dining experiences and $10,000 in cash to gamble with at the casino tables of the Vegas strip. Go Wild Casino offers customised birthday presents, tickets to the biggest sporting events and concerts and trips to international gambling destinations.

Being a VIP member at an online casino means you’re also privileged to higher betting limitations. So if you’re a high stake player but deterred from the wager restrictions you’ve seen online, become a VIP member and that will no longer be an issue. VIP members also receive access to bigger bonuses, exclusive promotions and boosted loyalty points to get even more bang for their buck when gambling online.

How to become a VIP casino member

Just like being a VIP in a bricks and mortar casino, to become a VIP member at an online casino you have to spend a significant amount of cash at a particular venue. There’s no exact figure set before an organisation will recognise you as a high roller, but you need to prove your financial loyalty to a venue before they show their loyalty to you.

For VIP recognition at an online casino, it’s typically up to the player to contact the casino and request VIP status. The venue will then assess how much you’ve deposited or how much you intend to deposit in the future before deciding whether to grant you VIP status.

Another way to be recognised as a VIP player is by earning loyalty points. Most of our favourite Internet casinos offer a tiered loyalty program which allows all players to move up between statuses in order to gain access to additional benefits and bonuses.

If you’ve reached the highest tier of a loyalty program, it may be grounds for you to request VIP status or the venue itself may recognise your commitment to the casino and invite you to be part of their VIP program.

VIP treatment at land based casinos

Special treatment, bonus offers, exclusive invitations and increased betting limitations, these are all the fabulous advantages of becoming a VIP player at an online casino. While these perks are incredible, there’s no disputing that the special treatment offered to high rollers at land based casinos is just as (or even more) elaborate. High rollers at real casinos are tended to by high-up professional VIP hosts, gain access to opulent gambling lounges, receive complimentary drinks and meals of five star quality and enjoy high limit games.

It’s not unusual for a high stake casino player to be flown first class or by private jet courtesy of the casino to entice them to come over and gamble at their establishment. High rollers in Las Vegas have hosts that hook them up with everything from personal butlers, to private luxury villas and penthouses, to VIP tickets to the hottest shows in town.

Despite all these perks, that kind of treatment isn’t necessarily suited for everyone. Just because a punter may have a passion for gambling at the blackjack table or love to play high stake poker, doesn’t mean the high-rolling casino lifestyle of glitz and glamour is appealing to them. The awesome benefit of online casino VIP treatment is that you still get the perks of special treatment, but with the comfort of gambling from home, balancing out the best of both worlds.

If you think you’ve been loyal enough to deserve VIP recognition at one of our recommended online casinos, contact the customer support team on the site who will be more than happy to see if you quality.

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