My friend won a car from a casino bonus

I wanted a lamborghiniWhen a friend of mine ended up winning a car through a promotion at a casino, it made our team think of the many exciting things we could do with the car.

Winning a car as part of a casino bonus while playing your favourite games is like going to the servo and finding out you can get two chocolate milks for the price of one, but on a grander scale.

Our team have gathered all the information possible on how to win a car via a casino promotion, and we have even thrown in some tips on what you can do when you have won that luxury automobile.

How to win a car from a casino promotion

There are several ways to win a a car through casino promotions, but generally they involve playing online casino games often or in a certain way. Playing your beloved casino game and winning is one thing, but playing and winning a car is another.

Not only do we get a sense of thrill with the casino title, but we get an exciting buzz when there is a chance to win a dream car because while winning money means you can do a lot of things it generally end up going towards paying bills and or being confiscated by your significant other.

Winning a car on the other hand generally sees only one result — driving around as arrogantly as possible, all the while showing off your new model.

Can I win a car at an online casino?

Many players prefer to play online as opposed to venturing to a land-based venue as it is a lot more convenient. While you may think you can only win a car at land-based venues, where you physically see the car sitting in the middle of the casino-floor, you can actually win a luxury automobile by playing at an online casino. Many online casinos may have the same competition running depending on their online operators. For example, the Fortune Lounge Group is a group of reputable International online casinos which offered a promotion in February, 2015, to win a car at all of its member casinos including Royal Vegas. Players could enter to win just by playing their favourite games online.

What type of car can I win at at a casino?

Always do your research and read the terms and conditions when it comes to what car you can win. At land-based venues they generally have the car on the floor, but if you can’t locate it or don’t know what it is you can ask at the information desk, which all casinos have, and they will be able to tell you. Online, read the terms and conditions carefully because while they may have a picture of the latest Porsche sports car, it could be an older version but still a brand new model. We see a win as a win, and aren’t generally too picky about what type of car we win.

Winning a car by playing your favourite casino games

Many casinos, both online and offline offer players the chance to win a car via a special promotion. Some casino promotions which offer a car as the reward work by requiring players to play their favourite titles, which generally includes all games such as blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, pokies, live dealer titles (if playing online) and more. Every time players make a bet they gain a point which adds up. Get enough points and you could go in the running to win a car, as well as the chance to win real cash on your chosen casino game.

Spin the reels to win a car

Other car bonuses can be in the form of a jackpot slot machine which can be randomly triggered just like the progressives we play online. For example, at Perth Crown Casino you can win a car by locating any pokies machine which has a ‘Win this Car’ display. It randomly jackpots and if you are playing during the 10,000 to 50,000km round which has been triggered you can win a car, with some of the qualifying pokies starting as low as two cents per bet.

Win a car casino bonus vs other casino promotions

Casino promotions come in many different forms. From winning a car to winning a free holiday, promotions are very welcome regardless if you are playing online or at a brick and mortar casino. Online casinos offer new player promotions, unlike land-based venues, where your deposits are matched. Land-based casinos can offer perks such as free meals and tickets to concerts via a casino host, which you can’t get online. Promotions are incredibly different online and offline, but car bonuses on the other hand are quite similar. So regardless if you are playing at an Internet gaming establishment or a land-based venue, the concept of winning a car is very similar.

What to do if you win a car on a casino bonus

Besides having to pay the tax involved, if you win a car via a casino promotion you have still come out on top. We have come up with a few tips on what to do if you win.

Visit a land-based casino
While we prefer online casinos, winning a car would mean we would have to show it off and what better way to roll up to a land-based casino than in a brand new luxury car. We suggest even saving a few dollars for a few doves for that extra stylish addition.

Bet your friend to wash your car
You’re basically a gambling expert now so why not get your friends involved. Play a few hands of your favourite table game, offer them a beer as your casino bonus equivalent, and wager a car wash. However if your friends look anything like the characters in the following video, avoid this tip.

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