Are online casino bonuses legal in Australia?

It’s reasonable for many Aussie players to think they can’t legally access the online casino promotions due to the misconceptions of state law. However we are here to clear any confusion up with regards to online casino bonuses and detail where you can get the best in the business.

Since many residents in Australia cannot access online bookmaker promotions due to state legislation preventing so, it is understandable why the same can be thought by the same residents who play at online casinos. However, this is not the case and Aussie players can access Internet casino bonuses legally and securely, provided they are playing at an online casino based overseas.


What are Internet casino bonuses?

Online casino bonuses are special rewards to players both for signing up, as well as remaining loyal to the site and playing regularly. There are even some promotions which you don’t have to be a regular player for, provided you follow the guidelines in place. Casino promotions are online specific and can be accessed at all reputable Internet casinos. It is important to note that Aussies who want online casino bonuses need to be playing at an online casino located overseas, preferably in an advanced gaming jurisdiction.

Why don’t land-based casinos offer promotions?

The best answer we can give is that online casinos don’t incur massive overhead costs that their land-based counterparts do, such as employee wages, entertainment expenses, and adhering to and keeping up with licensing costs in association to Australian legislation (Australian operated land-based venues do adhere to state legislation). This means all the money spent on these types of features can be spent rewarding customers.

Can Aussies legally access online casino promotions?

Since it is 100% legal for Aussies to gamble online it is also 100% legal to access their casino bonuses and promotions online, regardless of where you are located in Australia. First, however, you do have to ensure you are playing at an online casino which is located overseas as mentioned above, otherwise you won’t be able to access the promotions properly or even at all.

It’s illegal for Australian casino sites to accept Aussie players. While the players won’t get penalised for playing there, they can become subject to the Internet casino suddenly being shutdown (due to accepting Aussie players) and as a result the player will lose all their money after trying to access a promotion.

Australian bookmakers on the other hand are legally allowed to operate in Australia and offer their services to Australians. However, these are subject to the state legislation in place and is hence why some Aussies, such as NSW, VIC, SA, and WA can’t access their promotions.

How to access online casino bonuses

Taking advantage of welcome bonuses and ongoing casino promotions is easy, but there are a few things players need to understand before they go and sign up to every single online casino. First up, read the terms and conditions of the promotions you are interested in, as some may have tiny fine print which might affect your gameplay.

For example, welcome promotions require a specific number of deposits to be performed in order to complete the promotion and the bonus to be rewarded in full to players. This means players can’t make a withdrawal before the number of deposits have been made.

Additionally, some casino deposits have limits, in terms of minimums and maximums, so it is important to figure out what these are too. All casino bonuses require players to sign up with their real name and real personal details, (as it will only cause problems later down the track if you falsify this information) and all welcome bonuses require deposits.

The welcome bonuses also require codes to be used when making these deposits, but some may not so once again read the fine print incase you did need a code. Other online casino bonuses can involve deposits too so it is important to ensure you are prepared to make one if you want to access the promotion. Some also are time specific so it is important to look at the commencement and finishing, as well as the time zone in association to your time zone in Australia so you don’t miss out on the promotion.

Best Internet casinos for promotions

We have found some of the best Internet casinos available online that offer the best promotions online. Some are better than others in different areas which we will go into below, but overall these are the best and safest Internet casinos you can find. They include;

  1. BGO
  2. G’day
  3. Casino Mate
  4. Guts
  5. Royal Vegas

Follow our links to check any of the aforementioned casinos out and sign up to gain access to their player promotions.

Best online casinos for new player matched deposits

Some of the above Internet casinos focus more so on their new player welcome bonus than on their ongoing promotions, so we have found the top ones for this category. This isn’t to say they don’t also have ongoing promotions, its just that these Internet casinos have some of the best welcome bonus options. This is an important category as some players will be tricked into thinking the bigger the amount the better, but this isn’t exactly the case.

The bigger the money intended to wager, the better big matched deposits are, but if a player isn’t depositing that much, the big matched deposits doesn’t matter that much, rather the amount of times the player has to deposit is more important. For example, if you only want to deposit on total around $300, and end up winning after your first deposit, your best scenario is that you have played at an online casino with a welcome bonus package that only requires two deposits to complete the promotion, because you can’t make a withdrawal until it is complete.

If you have chosen one that is huge in terms of matched deposits but requires four deposits, you will end up depositing more than you expected just to withdraw. So while Casino-Mate offers $1400 in matched deposits, it takes four deposits to complete the entire promotion. Casino-mate is a good option if you’re planning to deposit around $1400. Guts Casino on the other hand only offers up to $500 in matched deposit bonuses but only requires one deposit to claim. Determine which option is better suited before signing up and making a deposit.

Top Internet casinos for free spins for new players

If you love the slots then taking advantage of a welcome bonus that has free spins attached is a good idea. Not all Internet casinos offer this option but the ones that do are quite generous in terms of how many free spins you get. BGO online casino offers free spins on a pokies called Starburst, a popular slot by Net Entertainment which offers a payout of $2500. Free spins go hand-in-hand with the welcome deposit bonuses so examine each one carefully to suit your needs. Other online casinos have free spins but Starburst is a good slot to have free spins on.

Most unique bonuses for online casino players

If you’re after a unique welcome bonus G’day online casino offers a free slab of Victoria Bitter if you deposit over $100. Thats 24 beers for free just for playing your favourite casino games online. Additionally, G’day online casino has a 10% ongoing deposit bonus, so for every deposit you make you get 10% tacked on of up to $50 each time you add funds to your online casino account.

Best online casino for daily promotions

Guts online casino offers its players a chance to play and take advantage of promotions on specific days. On Monday’s, players can use the code DOUBLE and they will get up to 40% on a deposit bonus of up to $40, and if you deposit at least $20 you will have 15 free spins waiting for you on Tuesday. Thursday’s are also a good day to play online with up to 60 free spins on their slot called the Fruit Shop.

Players do have to be careful when it comes to day specific promotions as they could be in a different time zone. For example, Guts online casino’s time zone is Central European Time and therefore Aussies are nine hours ahead. So while it may be Monday for us it could still be Sunday night for Guts.

Get a bonus with you payment method

Some Internet casinos, such as Royal Vegas online casino, offer players the option to get 10% on their deposit if they choose a certain payment method. It includes payments with Neteller, Ukash, Skrill, Ecocard, EntroPay and ClickandBuy but is only available on the first deposit.

Best no deposit bonus online casinos

If you want to try the online casino before you buy you can play in free mode or you can go to an Internet casino which offers players the chance to claim a no deposit free bonus to play with. G’day Casino is one of these gaming establishments offering 50 free spins to players who sign up, without the need for a deposit.

It is 100% legal to claim casino bonuses online for Aussie players, just remember to read the fine print to make sure what you are getting is what you expected. Additionally, always play at a regulated Internet casinos such as the many we recommend so your matched deposits don’t suddenly disappear.

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