Five life-changing gambling stories

We have all heard through a friend-of-a-friend life-changing stories where people they know have won big at the casino, but very rarely do we get to hear the details. We have found some of the five most interesting and life-changing wins people from around the globe have scored, to share with you.

Single mum becomes a millionaire

A 26-year-old single mother of two boys aged seven and nine located in the UK became an instant millionaire from placing a 15p bet on the Iceland Bingo Millionaire Genie Jackpot slot in early 2015. She won £3.4million – approximately $AUD 6,569,767.46, depending on the exchange rate. Anne Marie Farrar was playing the slots online when she scored the huge win.

While this is incredibly life-changing for Farrar, she didn’t go out and buy a huge mansion, rather she purchased a quaint home for £155,000 (still a game-changer in our opinion) and spent a large sum on a trip to Disney World for her two children, which she said she had been saving years for.

She first played the game two years ago, and just like our favourite progressives, like Mega Moolah and Hall of Gods, the jackpot built up to the incredible amount she won. Iceland Bingo did note that she beat the odds of 200 million to one, but regardless this massive sum has changed her life.

Visit our recommended online casinos and go to the jackpot progressives category where you will find Mega Moolah, Hall of Gods, and more for a try at your luck to become an instant millionaire just like Farrar.

Student athlete can pay loans due to big win

A student athlete at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK, known as Karla Drew, placed a simple £5 bet on the result of 10 international football fixtures in November, 2014. Little did she know it would result in such a big win.

Drew, who trains for heptathlons and 100m hurdles with Olympic Gold medallists, stayed up late to see the results and once Panama held on for a draw against Canada she won £50,054, which equates to around $AUD104,464.56.

During an interview, Drew stated that the money would enable her to pursue a PhD in Sports Psychology which has always been her dream. She made the bets on BetVictor an online UK bookmaker, proving Aussies have the same chance with our bookies, such as Sportsbet and William Hill here – if only we had the same luck.

Beginners luck for grandma

In 2013, one lucky grandmother walked into Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. Little did she know she was about to break the world record for the longest craps roll ever, as well as the most rolls without a seven appearing, ever. Patricia Demauro, from New Jersey, headed to the craps table, despite only being a newbie, and tried her luck. She was incredibly lucky, rolling 154 rolls without rolling a seven.

The lucky streak ended up lasting four hours and 18 minutes, and Demauro beat the odds of one in 1.56 trillion in terms of never rolling a seven in an massive 154 rolls. Unfortunately, she didn’t share with us just how much she won, but breaking world records is life-changing in itself.

Gambling experts have tried to guess how much she won, estimating millions if she made expert bets, or hundreds of thousands with good bets. Regardless, she refused to return to the tables as a player after and spent the rest of her trip in Atlantic City (probably shopping).

Roulette saves jobs

This story sees a man changing others lives, more so than his own. Though he may have already been a billionaire businessman, Mike Ashley’s roulette bet which won him even more meant he could afford to purchase the fashion retail chain known as ‘Republic’ which saved 2100 jobs in the process.

In a single spin, Ashley put down a total of £480,000 (around $AUD 917,393) on every possible inside bet which includes the number 17. This means he put a split bet on 17 and 16, and 17 and 18, as well as all the street bets which involve 17, corner bets involving 17, a straight up bet on 17, and all six-line bets which included 17. This is known as a full complete bet. It was also reported he put multiple even money bets such as black, the first half, and odd, as well as the middle dozen and middle column bets.

He apparently won £1,300,000 (around $AUD 2,484,605), which may not be that much for a billionaire, but we are left wondering if he would’ve purchased the retail chain if he hadn’t have won that roulette win, changing many lives who could’ve lost their jobs indeed.

Biggest winner on Full Tilt Poker

While this win hasn’t involved all luck, rather a lot strategy instead, the win can guaranteed to be a life- changer, if not in terms of money than in terms of reputation. At the end of 2014, Dan ‘jungleman12’ Cates ended up being the biggest winner at online poker, pocketing a smooth $2,805,751 on Full Tilt Poker.

He once won over $6 million on PokerStars making his skill at poker clearly quite advanced, since his lifetime total brings him to over $11 million. Since he plays online we can’t really know what he does with his money, but we can imagine. We think he has turned his house into his own personal casino, including a decked out poker room with all of the state-of-the-art technology to ensure when he plays tournaments online the games run smoothly.

Additionally, it is said at first Cates was actually a really big loser at online poker, and had to get a job at a fast food outlet in order to fund his bankroll. If we can take anything from his winnings, it is that determination and perseverance is key to hopefully winning life-changing amounts of money.

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