10 excuses poker players make

We have all been on the losing end of a poker hand, but some handle it better than others. The player that doesn’t handle it well is called a poker donkey, and they have countless excuses for why they lost. We detail 10 of the most common in this article.

1. I am an unlucky person

It’s always quite easy to blame a lack of luck in casino games. A poker hot streak might have us believe we have figured a sure-fire of playing and winning, but when that reality is shattered with a few losses, we’re back to remembering lady luck is a cruel maiden.

When it comes to poker, luck isn’t the only thing you need to rely on. Perhaps in the short term you can rely on (and blame when it goes bad) luck, but in the long term it’s all about skill and honing your craft. While there have been players that are unluckier than other players, it does predominantly come down to what your do with your cards, more so than what you are dealt. Saying you are unlucky isn’t really an excuse.

2. I have a really bad poker face

While poker faces do set winners and losers apart in a game of poker, it isn’t necessarily an excuse for why you lost. If you are playing with real money, you can learn to keep a poker face, and if you can’t you can always play online, where no one can see your poker face at all. While we understand some are better than others at bluffing their opponents, if you think you can’t do it, just head online.

3. It was the ‘cash-out-then-lose’ situation

This applies directly to online poker players, as there is a popular excuse that says when poker players cash out most of their bankroll online but leave a small amount to continue playing, the online casino will purposely cause you to lose.

If you are playing at a reliable poker site such as the many we recommend, the poker software has all been tested by third party organisations, meaning there is no way the online casino would be able to rig the software so that you lose without facing serious consequences and being blacklisted.

There is no excuse to play at an unregulated poker site or online casino as there are many reliable ones out there, including the long list of sites that we play at.

4. I was drunk

This is one of our most hated excuses. If you are intoxicated, you should not be gambling. If you do choose to gamble, you cannot use being intoxicated as an excuse as to why you lost.

We have heard many players saying they weren’t playing to the best of their ability because they were drunk and while it may be true, it isn’t an excuse – it’s embarrassing.

When playing with real money you need to play smartly, and while having a drink or two can ease nerves, it is important not to go overboard. Poker is about strategy and skill, and you can’t focus if you are intoxicated.

5. I had no sleep

This excuse is quite similar to the intoxicated excuse – it is a poor one. Poker can be mentally exhausting since it requires a lot of concentration, so if you don’t get the adequate amount of sleep to play, it is ultimately your fault.

While this sounds harsh, many winners have played on little to no sleep and either won or lost and accepted defeat without suggesting it was because they didn’t get enough shut eye. Either don’t play when you are tired, or don’t use it as an excuse.

6. I was bored

While you may not always be playing the most intense and thrilling hand of poker, you can’t use being bored as an excuse.

Many players say they were bored and state that if they were interested in the game and versing interesting players, they would win.

But perhaps you should be paying more attention because ultimately you lost and they pocketed your money.

7. I was distracted

Many players blame their busy schedule, due to work or their family, being the reason they lost as they were distracted thinking about what they need to do.

This isn’t an excuse as everyone is in the same boat. We all have lives and regardless of our situation we most likely have things we need to do and should be thinking about. But when you enter a game of poker that should be what you are focusing on if you want to be a good poker player.

8. I got bad cards

Stating you were dealt bad cards is an incredibly common excuse, even by some good poker players.

While you don’t have control over your hand you do control how you will play the cards, and how to make the best out of the difficult situation -which ultimately makes you a good poker player.

So blaming the cards is not an excuse for losing.

9. I normally win, it must be rigged

Many players like to justify their excuses with the fact they allegedly always win (this isn’t possible) and then follow with the excuse that the game must be fixed due to a long losing streak.

Many players, even professional players, have long losing streaks but do not claim the game is fixed or feel the need to blame the game, rather than their own skills (or lack thereof) for losing.

10. I am playing against donkeys

This is the most ironic excuse we have ever heard come out of a poker player’s mouth. Basically, they are saying that the reason they lost is because every player they were versing were bad players, who also make excuses, and that they would win if they were playing against better players.

Accepting defeat graciously and learning from your mistakes is the only way you will become a better poker player, and not a donkey.